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Welcome to this exciting new development. And a big thank you to my website developers at Blueflowers who have made this possible!

If you are a Yuan Qigong student you can login to access more resources. With each level you will access one of the three fundamental theory of REN XUE, a few Yuan Qigong methods as well as an explanation about the purpose of each method. Each level also includes audios and videos to help you integrate what you have learnt.

Not only will each of the REN XUE theories help you gain more benefits from your Yuan Qigong practice, they will help you make more sense of life itself.

If you are not a student but would like to understand and improve your life, you can access each level starting with Level 1. Simply contact me through the booking form.

Enjoy, Claire



Level 1

Theory of Qi                          Yuan Qigong:                      The 6 Verses               Method 1 - Tian Yuan            Method 2 - Di Yuan    


Level 2

Theory of the source of the consciousness (Shen) and consciousness (Yi)            Yuan Qigong:            Method 3 - Ren Yuan            Method 4 - Xia Yuan  Method 7 - Tong Yuan (heart meditation)

Level 3

Theory of Totality               Yuan Qigong:              Method 5 - Zhong Yuan      Method 8 - Ling Yuan (changing the patterns of the consciousness)

Please note that I am not teaching methods 6 & 8 at the moment.

If you wonder why you cannot have access to everything at once here is why:

Having a three step process enables you to slowly work your way through it and gain a sense of achievement as you unlock each level. Yes, ‘slowly’ ! Letting the information sink in at each level, making sense of it, gaining an experiential understanding of it through your own Qigong practice takes time. I offer online sessions to learn the methods as do many other teachers around the globe.

If you could read all the information at once, you would most likely perceive some of the later one as boring, inaccessible or too difficult. Think of a 3 years degree and what you would have thought of the 3rd year’s content if you had been presented with it. Would you have found it appealing or would you have been turned off by it? For reference, the REN XUE/Yuan Qigong teacher training was spread over 6 years so it has taken me and others a lot longer than it will take you to have access to it all!

I am hoping that making the information free for REN XUE/ Yuan Qigong students will motivate & inspire you to practice. I cannot state it enough: you will only gain limited benefits from reading through the material.

Practice & theory should go hand-in-hand.

As you will have found out along the way if you have already been learning Qigong & REN XUE with me I feel deeply committed to sharing all that I have learnt myself: the theories of the REN XUE system as well as the Yuan Qigong methods.

If you are new to this, my wish is for you to experience the breath and width of this system.

Of course the reasons which drew us to this system are different and valid for each of us. Yet even if you might quickly experience the benefits of this practice, the purpose of REN XUE & Yuan Qigong goes far beyond ‘feeling good’.

From Yuan Tze’s perspective it is very clear that “the core content and goal of REN XUE life cultivation is to attain realization, wisdom and a harmonious world.”

If ‘realization’ and ‘wisdom’ are too far-fetched for you what about staying with ‘harmony’ for now?

It is easy to see how we all seek harmony. Whether we can achieve it or not, we seek harmony within ourselves, striving for a balanced, healthy and happy life. We seek harmony with our loved ones and amongst all our family members. We also seek harmony with our extended family, work colleagues, and people we interact with, in other words, society.

Life in a healthy state should also manifest harmony between us humans and nature. A truly harmonious society will see us create a mutually beneficial relationship with the world that surrounds us.

So how can we achieve a truly harmonious and stable state?

Without a sound understanding of life, without a sound understanding of how to truly achieve harmony and other meaningful goals of life such as health, happiness & wellbeing, it is very likely these will continue to elude us.

Yes of course, we might all have a pretty good idea of how to achieve these goals.

But most of us have spent very little time thinking about the means to achieve these goals.

If our means are not sound or healthy themselves, how can we expect the outcomes to be sound and healthy?

Most of us do not consciously have a reference system for life itself, let alone a sound one.*

When it comes to our profession we understand the validity of a framework. We don’t just randomly learn skills, we also learn the whys behind what we do, the underlying principles or the grammar behind best practice.

So why should it be any different for what constitutes life’s best practice?

I have found an invaluable resource for life in the REN XUE system. It has proven itself to be sound, safe and effective. 

As I continue to deepen my understanding of REN XUE, I continue to find in it a true gift which keeps on giving. So I have endeavoured to create a way to make the practices and the theoretical framework behind them as accessible as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

*Please note that a sound framework for life should be comprehensive. In other words, what is good for me should also be good for you, other living being and the planet.

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson new zealand

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson