Qi therapy

Most of us seek health and wellbeing. If we have a limited understanding of what life is, these goals can often elude us. 

Individual sessions can be a very powerful & effective way for you to understand your life and make positive changes. An individual session allows me to cater to your unique situation & needs. 

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My therapeutical practice takes its roots in REN XUE & Yuan Qigong. These tools offer us a way to achieve our goals in a safe, sound & effective way. Would you choose to walk on this path with me, you will get to experience it for yourself.

If you would like to get a better idea of what a Qi therapy session looks like, read on!

What can Qi therapy help with?

Simply put Qi therapy can help with anything.

Whether you are facing physical challenges (e.g. recovering from surgery, facing a life-threatening or chronic illness) or non-physical ones (e.g. depression, anxiety, overthinking or stress) Qi therapy can help you.

Effectively, what does a session look like?

The answer to this question comes from my clients rather than from me:  those who have tried other modalities such as counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy or meditation tell me there are aspects of these modalities in my practice.

How can it be good for anything?

In REN XUE it is understood that our consciousness is the master of our life. If we want to address our problems, it is essential we learn to address them at the root level, the level of our consciousness. Qigong and Qi therapy are tools to deal with life at a very fundamental level. In Qigong and Qi therapy, we take into consideration both physical (e.g. a physical problem) and non–physical aspects of life (e.g. the thinking, beliefs and perceptions, emotions associated with this physical problem).

So during a session, I am here to help you look at your life with openness, honesty and kindness. I am here to help you get into a good state. In a good state, you can have much greater clarity about what you might want to improve in your life. You might also come to your own realizations. Please understand that I am not here to give you advice. I am here to create the best environment for you to help yourself and I am here to support you make the changes you want to make every step of the way.

And if you have lost all hope, I am here to help you find it again. Anything is possible.

What’s actually involved in a Qigong therapy session and what do I do?

A trusting and open relationship is the base for a successful session so my role is to create a space where you can feel safe, be heard and empowered.

I actively listen to you with an open heart. If this sounds like a ridiculous or overrated statement the best thing to do is to come and experience it for yourself. Then make your mind up about what exactly this means to you.

As I am here to help you, I first need to find who you are. If you are not comfortable talking, you can relax: I will have simple questions for you to answer. If you would rather know a little bit more about me and have questions you would like to ask first we can start with those, too.

If need be, I will also take time to explain in more details the REN XUE framework.

I will then help you to “take action” and actively empower yourself. Depending on what you are comfortable with, we might continue to have a normal talk, I might guide you in a way which is similar to a hypnotherapy or a meditation session or I might show you some Qigong movements. The Qigong methods are some of the therapeutic tools I use but we might not even practice any Qigong movements as such.

Last but not least, I will give you the opportunity to offer feedback. You can be truly yourself so please feel free to be honest about the session. Your ability to share openly means I can continue to learn & grow in my practice and as an individual. Even if you believe that it doesn’t help you it might help others.

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If it is so effective, how come I haven’t heard about it yet?

 There are many reasons why you haven’t heard about it so I am only going to name a few obvious ones:

  • As Qigong and Qi therapy originally come from China, they are not yet well-known is the West. Most people's understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine doesn't go further than acupuncture or martial arts.
  • Qigong and Qi therapy come from a very different health paradigm than the one we have grown accustomed to. Faced with something new, foreign and different from what we are used to, our initial reaction can often be to reject and invalidate
  • The underlying principle behind Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Qi therapy is that life has the innate ability to be healthy and well for a long time. Yet, there is also an understanding that to last well our body and our life are subject to the same principles of maintenance as other physical objects. In other words our own life requires us to be willing to put some care into it. This concept is still needing to gain some popularity in the West. For many it is easier to look after a car or a child than it is to look after one's own life.
  • Our understanding of life is still in its early stages. For example, if you believe your physical problem only has physical sources, you will only look for 'physical' solutions to solve it. If the direction of your consciousness is mostly focused outwards, your main focus will automatically be external: you will keep looking for something or someone outside of yourself to save you. 
  • We seek simplicity and tend to be eager for quick results. So we might look for the 'miracle' solution. Qigong and Qi therapy are life-changing... but they are not a quick fix. Understanding the ‘laws of life’, the effectiveness of adopting an internal approach in dealing with our life and addressing the imbalances that we have created at the root level tends to take openness, time & energy. Furthermore, when we have experienced deep seated discomfort, pain & imbalances for months or years, it is likely that we have become so used to them that at some level, they have become a normal part of our life. Taking charge and making changes is often not an overnight process. Yet it is also possible to experience a major 'shift' or have a major realization, which translates into a sudden disappearance of sypmtoms.
  • Our way of dealing with life is often patchy. We might try lots of different things for a bit without fully focusing on anything in particular. Think about how quickly you would learn and master another language if you kept trying to learn a different one every month?
I hope the above has helped you clarify what a session might look like. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions. 

For the session to be as effective as possible we both have an important part to play. Your openness to me and the therapy will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the session(s). My own state and congruence between what I say and my own experience are also of utmost importance. They are at the core of my practice.

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Please note that I am not a trained counsellor and my certification is with the Yuan Tze centre as a Qigong teacher and a REN XUE therapist.


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qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson