yuan qigong qualified teacherQigong (cheegong) is part of a very ancient Chinese system of health care.

Yuan Qigong is a modern and innovative tool to heal your life.

It is based on a profoundly different paradigm for life than most of us have grown used to in the West. Over thousands of years, this paradigm has been evolving and has given rise to a system called REN XUE.

In the Traditional Chinese Wisdom life has long been understood as a totality where the physical body is only one of many aspects. So for life to be healthy, all the different aspects of life need to be healthy and well.

Yet for thousands of years, this knowledge and its practical applications were held secret by masters who over a life time only shared very sparingly what they had learnt with a few students.  Thanks to the REN XUE system, this knoweldge is now available to anyone. Its practical application, Yuan Qigong is based on this sound theoretical foundation and has also been adjusted to suit our modern times. Anyone with a willingness to do so can benefit from this practice. 

As Yuan Gong works at a very fundamental level and takes all the different aspects of life into account, it is good for any condition.

It can be used by people seriously ill or bed ridden, to speed up recovery time following an operation or injury, to support conventional treatments and enhance their effectiveness, to improve overall health and wellbeing, or find greater peace and harmony. Practicing Yuan Qigong can also help us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support illness and negative emotions.

How can a simple practice be so powerful?  Because unlike most physical exercises, in Yuan Qigong, physical movement is only one aspect of the practice.

Yuan Qigong integrates movement, posture, breathing, consciousness (mind), heart, Qi (pronounced Chee) and Shen (the source of the consciousness) to improve life.

What makes Yuan Qigong so powerful and different from typical Western exercises is that it rests on a fundamentally different model of life. In REN XUE, the science Yuan Qigong belongs to, a healthy human life is the totality of a healthy body as well as a healthy consciousness, a healthy heart, healthy Qi and the source of the consciousness Shen being able to manifest its full range of abilities. These elements are inseparable. 

There are 9 different practices in Yuan Qigong and they are specifically designed to work on the whole of life in an incremental way. The first methods focus on improving the condition of the body while the next methods focus on improving the condition of the heart and consciousness.

Human life & Qigong

Qigong is the cultivation of Qi. As foreign a concept as it is, Qi is the most fundamental element of Chinese medicine, martial arts and life. In REN XUE & Yuan Qigong, life is understood as a total reality of body, mind, heart, Qi and Shen. So for a life to be healthy each of these aspects must be healthy. 

So what is Qi?

Qi (energy) is the most basic building material in the universe. It is everywhere and in everything. Physical object are a form of Qi but so are non physical objects such as thoughts and emotions. Qi actually consists not only of energy, but also material and information.


Our consciousness is always active even when we are asleep. But how healthy are its activities? Our consciousness has its effect on our Qi and life and therefore health. When we practice Yuan Qigong we learn to use our consciousness in a positive and healthy way to make changes to our life at the deepest level.  


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qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson