Hypnotherapy in the face of cancer

I offer special discounts for people needing ongoing support due to chronic, degenerative or life-threatening illnesses.

The number of sessions required depends on the nature or cause of the issue you are wanting to make progress on. As I adopt a holistic approach in my practice, it is my goal to help you transform unhealthy habits as well as understand what created them in the first place. And this usually takes time. For this reason, I offer a minimum block of 5 sessions for persistent issues such as chronic, degenerative or life-threatening illnesses.

Physical symptoms are rarely the source of our disease. As our Werstern understanding of life is still mostly limited to the functioning of our physical body most of our efforts to get better go towards getting rid of our physical symptoms. Yet to make a full recovery, it is important to understand and undo the underlying patterns of thinking and feeling than generally go with our physical symptoms. 

You are not alone: I am here to help you on your empowering journey back to health and wellbeing. And you are not powerless: you have a key role to play in your own health and wellbeing. Your willingness to truly understand yourself, make positive changes to your belief system and your openness to being well will all help you find your way home. 


The cost of an illness is not only physical & emotional, it is very often financial as well. This is why I offer a 50% discount for a 5 sessions block and highly recommend Qigong. Qigong is a very low cost option that can easily be incorporated into daily life. By maintaining a regular Qigong practice you will ensure you continue to create better health and wellbeing in your life. 


Any practice which has a deep understanding of human life and all its different aspects and actively works with/on them in a healthy and uplifting way will work wonders. Yuan Qigong is the modality I offer as I have personnally experienced life-changing benefits from this practice. 

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson new zealand

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson