Clinic locations & days



Wellness Movement Studio

Hypnotherapy & Qigong appointments



Tuesdays & Thursdays

Think Health Clinic

Hypnotherapy & Qigong appointments

Yuan Qigong classes Thursdays


Wednesdays & Fridays 

ThinkQi Clinic

Hypnotherapy & Qigong appointments

Yuan Qigong classes Wednesdays at the  THINKQI clinic

No appointments required for my Yuan Qigong classes

Qigong classes in Wakamarina $15 (Intermediate & advanced)
qigong classes in Blenheim $20 (Intermediate & advanced)

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yuan qigong hypnotherapy contact

To make a Hypnotherapy appointment or
Qigong session one-on-one please use the:

Booking Form

60 minutes Hypnotherapy $120
5x 60 minutes hypnotherapy $300
60 minutes one-on-one Qigong $60

(no initial appointment required)


This first appointment is extremely important and allows us to develop a mutual understanding.
The better I understand you, the more effectively I can design a session specific to your needs & the more successful the following session(s) will be. This is why I first need to know your reasons for coming to see me, what you are wanting to achieve, what your life is like : health (possible condition & symptoms, past medical history), general lifestyle (levels of stress, eating and sleeping patterns) and wellbeing (how things are at work, at home, what your interests and passions are.) This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know me. 

By the end of the consultation we will all have a much better understanding of each other and we can then decide together what the best course of action is.

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Clinics addresses

Wellness Movement Studio

Corner of Trafalgar and New Street

Think Health Clinic

904 Wakamarina Road
Canvastown, Havelock

ThinkQi Clinic

5 Bradleigh Park
Fairhall, Blenheim


Email for any enquiries

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qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson