• Claire Langley

    qualified Qigong teacher
    certified hypnotherapist
    Claire Langley

    Clinics in:
    Wakamarina (Havelock)
    Blenheim, Marlborough


Think Health - Claire Langley

Like every other child, for as long as I can remember, I have been trying to make sense of the world. As a young adult I came to the realization that the Western paradigm I grew up in didn't have the answers to some of my questions. I naturally searched for answers elsewhere. Despite the many inspiring books I read I was not yet prepared to look inside myself for some of these answers.

In 2008, the cancer journey of a close family member propelled me into the health field and led me to search for treatments of all kinds. As I explored the meaning and understanding of health across different cultures I came across many well documented "healing miracles" where people who had life-threatening diseases had somehow recovered in totally unexpected ways. I wondered what were the “laws” underlying all these amazing recoveries. After years of searching, reading and exploring different modalities I found Yuan Qigong and REN XUE. (The Chinese words “REN XUE ” mean “The Science of Human Life” and this is the system Yuan Qigong belongs to.)

I was ready to start looking inside myself and immediately started training to become a Yuan Qigong teacher.

The REN XUE theories behind the practice helped me join the dots and shine the light on the “laws of life” or principles underlying health and wellbeing. Sound and comprehensive these theories offer us an extensive knowledge of the role our consciousness plays in our life. As this science focuses on health rather than disease it makes it a very effective and complementary tool to add to our medical kit.


I am a qualified Level 6 Yuan Qigong teacher and hypnotherpist. I continue to learn through ongoing professional development and my own ongoing practice.
I am passionate about deepening our understanding of life and the possibilitites which await us as we unfold our potential. I feel deeply committed to helping others with the tools of Yuan Qigong & hypnotherapy. Our consciousness and our heart are two powerful aspects of our life yet they are still not well understood and utilized in our society today.


If you are facing a chronic or life-threatening diseases, including cancer there is a lot you can do to help yourself and make positive changes to your condition.


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